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  • Narragansett Financial Insurance Agency

Dramatic postcard generates leads for South Coast insurance agency

June 16, 2015

Created for:
Narragansett Financial Insurance Agency
Fall River, Massachusetts

The Assignment
Most local insurance agency advertising is hokey, uninformative or non-existent. Our assignment: To create a series of postcards to generate attention and inquiries for the newly-acquired and re-named Narragansett Financial Insurance Agency. (Shown here is postcard #1 in a series of 4.)

What this postcard series does …
> Uses dramatic photos and friendly, conversational language
> Stands apart from typical, lifeless prospect mailings
> Quick-read postcards build awareness; Easy for prospects to hold on to

How Patrice Robertie | Acorn Advertising helped …
Wealthy people have always had access to expert insurance professionals who use their knowledge to help clients protect their homes and other important assets. With this postcard series, we introduced the idea that a resourceful local insurance agency can provide that protection to local families.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Find a few paragraphs you’ve written and – without changing the message – replace all the predictable phrases and ideas with unexpected and interesting ones.”
~ Roy H. Williams, in Tools & Techniques for Profitable Persuasion


Local bank reaches out to homeowners with equity

January 28, 2016

Created for:
Windsor Federal Savings Bank
Windsor, Connecticut

The Assignment
Windsor Federal Savings is a well-managed and well-liked local bank which had never done a significant amount of advertising and so did not have an “ad look” or a plan for regular, targeted outreaches to good potential customers. Our assignment: To develop an approach for the Bank, and to write and produce an advertisement for their range of home equity loans.

What this ad does …
• White space lets us include a lot of information in one appealing ad
• Friendly, conversational copy represents the style of the Bank’s people
• “Graphics column” provides flexibility for using rates and photo … or not!

How Patrice Robertie | Acorn Advertising helped …
This client wanted to see if it would be possible to have a “look” for their ads that also let them communicate important details. We listened and showed them it would be possible to get exactly that.

~ ~ ~ ~

“I have learned to respect good ideas, wherever they come from. Often they come from clients.”
~ Ad-man Leo Burnett, in 100 Leos

Local bank explains their straightforward approach to checking

January 28, 2016

Created for:
North Brookfield Savings Bank
North Brookfield, Massachusetts

The Assignment
North Brookfield Savings Bank’s competitors’ checking packages were complicated and/or expensive. North Brookfield Savings Bank, on the other hand, made it very easy for customers to get free checking. Our assignment? To create an “evergreen”ad to get the word out.

What this ad does …
• Targets people fed up with other banks’ strings-attached “free” offers
• Highlights a pair of honestly-free checking options
• Appealing photo reinforces the friendly message

How Patrice Robertie | Acorn Advertising helped …
Too many companies in their marketing focus on what they offer – forgetting that there may be something else that their customers value more. In this ad, we provide complete product information on two different kinds of checking accounts and demonstrate the Bank’s genuine respect for their customers’ intelligence, time and money.

~ ~ ~~

“The most effective advertisements appeal to the reader’s self-interest or give news.”
~ David Ogilvy, in Confessions of an Advertising Man

  • TF Allen, CPA

Direct mail letter for CPA looking to do more than taxes

June 16, 2015

Created for:
T.F. Allen & Company CPAs
Belmont, Massachusetts

The Assignment
The people at T.F. Allen had purchased a mailing list of 500 names of new Metro Belmont homeowners and recent remodelers. Our assignment? To create a letter to introduce these high-income local individuals to the outstanding CPAs at T.F. Allen & Company.

What this Letter does …
• Uses (3) “identification scenarios” to immediately involve the reader
• Sidesteps the standard tax prep cliché to highlight other services offered
• Paragraph breaks lead readers right to detail-packed “calls to action”

How Patrice Robertie | Acorn Advertising helped …
Companies that can’t (or won’t!) talk about what makes them special lose opportunities to make good connections with customers. Showcasing a firm’s approach and philosophy makes it easier to attract clients who will value that approach.

~ ~ ~ ~

“The fact that others are moving in a certain direction is always proof, at least to me, that a new direction is the only direction.”
~ George Lois, in What’s The Big Idea?

Clean, simple web site for a local law firm gets the job done …

June 16, 2015

Created for:
Ross and Ross, Attorneys at Law
Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Assignment
Ross and Ross is a well-respected local law firm with a long-term presence in Ipswich, Massachusetts. (Their office is in an historic building on Market Street in Ipswich Center. And the family has been in Ipswich since an ancestor arrived in the 1600s.) But they had no presence on the Internet, and they realized the time had come. Our assignment: To develop, write and produce a simple, dignified and informative web site for Ross and Ross.

What this web site does …
• Local photos help people place Ross and Ross in their minds
• Headline addresses question the Ross and Ross lawyers hear most often
• Simple site introduces the firm and makes it easy to contact them

How Patrice Robertie | Acorn Advertising helped …
By developing the concept and writing the copy, we help clients have web sites that are perfect for their businesses and their goals.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Ideas presented in your web site should flow in a logical fashion, anticipating your prospect’s questions and answering them as if the questions were being asked face-to-face.”
~ Joseph Sugarman, in Advertising Secrets of the Written Word

Before & after with updated ad look for local insurance agency

January 28, 2016

Created for:
Elliot Whittier Insurance
Winthrop & Peabody, Massachusetts

The Assignment
Elliot, Whittier is a top-notch, mid-sized, independent insurance agency representing some of the country’s most prominent insurance companies. Our assignment: To update their ad look and copy approach to better represent the reality of what Elliot Whittier actually offers.

What this advertisement does …
• Informative “After” ad showcases Elliot Whittier’s professionalism
• Updated use of type and ship logo visually enhance Elliot Whittier’s look
• Makes a great offer and gives prospects good reasons to call

How Patrice Robertie | Acorn Advertising helped …
The “Before” and “After” ads are both right here. Judge for yourself!

~ ~ ~ ~

“Salespeople reasonably expect their company’s advertising to be interesting enough that the prospect’s receptivity is (at least) a little stimulated. The only other thing salespeople really want from advertising is to have something in hand when they make a call – something that solves a problem or has something to do with the matter at hand.”
~ Ad-man Howard Gossage, from The Book of Gossage

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